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Latest Logic Apps Community Webcast Recap – Feb 25th 2016

24th February 2016

In the latest installment of the logicappsio webcast, Jeff Hollan and Kevin Lam covered off new features released this month, and also talked about what […]

How to switch from the new to the old Logic Apps Designer (or vice versa)

24th February 2016

Switching to the old Logic Apps designer from a new Logic App is relatively easy… if you don’t have anything in your logic app! You […]

Microsoft release new Logic Apps Designer – but how do you use BizTalk Connectors or v1 API Apps?

23rd February 2016

Updated 2016-02-25: I’ve clarified the section on setting access to your API App to Public Anonymous – you can still use Zumo tokens, but it’s […]

How to create a marketplace API App from code: Hacking the Azure Portal

20th January 2016

So a few months ago, I was trying to work out how to create an instance of a marketplace API App via code. There was […]

App Service Environments: How to deploy API Apps to a Virtual Network

6th January 2016

Recently I was asked by a client: how do I deploy an API App or a Logic App to a Virtual Network (VNet)? If you’ve […]

Logic Apps Roadmap for 2015-2016

3rd December 2015

If you missed the @logicappsio LogicAppsLive community webcast (with Kevin Lam and Jon Fancey) last night, go watch it here: During this webcast, they […]

Microsoft announce new Logic App Features and new Designer

17th November 2015

At connect(); 2015 this year, Microsoft announced some new Azure App Service features relating to Logic Apps and API Apps (watch the video here: Stephen […]

Listing Subscriptions and Logic Apps from .NET

15th November 2015

For most people, using PowerShell scripts/cmdlets to access Azure and get information about subscriptions and resources (e.g. Logic Apps) will be enough. But what if […]

Getting started with the Logic Apps SDK

21st October 2015

The first Logic Apps SDK for .NET (v0.1.0) was released on August 28. Stephen Siciliano covered it in the LogicAppsIO Community WebCast on August 27. […]

Setting up PostMan to call the Azure Management APIs

7th July 2015

If you want to test the deployment of API App or LogicApp templates, one of the easiest ways to do this is using the PostMan […]