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How to switch from the new to the old Logic Apps Designer (or vice versa)

Switching to the old Logic Apps designer from a new Logic App is relatively
easy… if you don’t have anything in your logic app! You just need to
change the $schema value at the top of your logic app definition.

Here’s an example of how to do it:

  1. Create a new Logic App (will open in new designer)
  2. Add a manual HTTP Trigger, and a delay action (you need at least one trigger
    and one action in order to save your Logic App):

  3. Save your Logic App
  4. Open your logic app in code view
  5. Change the $schema value at the top from:
    “$schema”: “”,

    “$schema”: ““, (I’ve
    highlighted the bits that change)
  6. Close your logic app
  7. Reopen it – it will open in the old designer (although it will appear to have
    nothing in it, as the new manual HTTP trigger is not supported) – just add a new trigger
    and off you go.
    Note: you may need to manually edit the code
    behind to remove the delay shape – your mileage may vary.
  8. >

    I suspect the product group will release a tool to make this easier.

    You can also use this mechanism to go from the old designer to the new one.

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