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Dan’s BizTalk Migrator Deep Dive on Integration Monday

3rd December 2020

On Monday 30th November, our CTO, Daniel Probert, took viewers of an Integration Mondays webinar on a deep dive of Microsoft’s new BizTalk Migrator tool. […]

BizTalk 2016 CTP released

30th March 2016

The 1st CTP (Community Technical Preview) for BizTalk 2016 has been released today. Whilst you have to sign up to Microsoft Connect to access the […]

Cumulative Update 2 for BizTalk Server 2010

31st August 2011

I’ve been waiting for this for a while… contains all hotfixes released since CU1 was released… Get it here:

BizTalk 2010 Released; Development edition now free

25th September 2010

Well the announcement came over a week after I thought it would arrive, but BTS2010 is now officially released. And the developer edition is now […]

Installing the ESB Toolkit v2.0 on Windows 7 Error: Operation Not Completed

21st August 2010

Here’s an interesting one: I was installing the ESB Toolkit 2.0 on a Win 7 x86 machine the other day, and during install got an […]

XPath – the hidden language of BizTalk?

29th November 2007

For those of you who are unaware, XPath is a powerful query language for XML (ignoring XQuery for now). In my experience I’ve worked with […]

Distinguished Fields and Optional Elements

14th November 2007

Thought this might be of interest to a few BizTalk developers out there. It’s quite common practice to use Distinguished Fields in orchestrations, to get/set […]

Manually sending a response back to a waiting Web Service client

8th September 2007

(or how to do asynchronous processing of a synchronous request/response message) [Note: this post follows on from my previous post How to validate Xml Documents […]

Sending HTML emails with embedded images in BizTalk

11th June 2007

Ever wanted to send emails from BizTalk (using the SMTP adapter) which have images embedded in them? I did recently. Sending HTML emails (or text […]

BizTalk 2006 R2 Public Beta released

2nd April 2007

So now everyone gets to play…! Announcement is here. Download it from here (you’ll need to register for Microsoft Connect and/or sign in – but […]