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Microsoft announce new Logic App Features and new Designer

At connect(); 2015 this year, Microsoft
announced some new Azure App Service features relating to Logic Apps and API Apps
(watch the video here:

Stephen Siciliano (@iscsus)
gave a ten-minute session on current and new features for AAS (Azure App Service).

Included in the new features:

1) Logic Apps will be able to consume *any* web
app that has a Swagger Interface i.e. not just Azure API Apps – you could consume
an API App hosted in AWS, or on-premise.

2) WebHooks are on the way (this was discussed in the last LogicAppsIO Community
WebCast) – now you can call out to other services in the middle of your flow and wait
for a response:

3) A new Logic Apps Designer. Stephen only showed a quick demo using the new
designer, but we can already see some awesome new features:

  1. The designer seems to use smaller horizontal tiles, rather than the big tiles
    of the existing designer
  2. The tiles are *much* smaller
  3. Tiles seem to run vertically now
  4. Adding API Apps to a logic app seems more intuitive e.g. in the example shown,
    Stephen started with a tile called “when a new tweet appears”, which is much more
    intuitive than the existing mechanism of adding Twitter Connector and choosing a trigger.

4) Included in the new designer: token support. Instead of having to remember
the outputs of a previous API App, now those outputs appear as Token, little tiles
you can drag into the formula fields in your API App e.g. for the body of an email,
you can drag a Token that represents the output of a previous API App e.g. Tweet Text.
How cool is this?

Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll have to wait till Q1 2016 to get our hands
on this functionality, but I’m sure it will be worth the wait – I’m very excited about
a new designer: as much as I respect the current Logic Apps designer, a new designer
is one of my most hoped-for feature requests for the AAS team!

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