Azure App Service


Getting started with the Logic Apps SDK

21 Oct 2015

The first Logic Apps SDK for .NET (v0.1.0) was released on August 28th. Stephen Siciliano covered it in the LogicAppsIO Community WebCast on August 27th. But there haven’t been many blog posts on how to use it, nor many samples. So here we go: How to use the SDK....

Setting up PostMan to call the Azure Management APIs

7 Jul 2015

If you want to test the deployment of API App or LogicApp templates, one of the easiest ways to do this is using the PostMan REST Client for Chrome. In this post I’ll show you how to authenticate against your Azure subscription, and show you how to call the...

App Service Product Group – First Community WebCast

24 Jun 2015

So the App Service product group did a Google Hangout today (basically a live YouTube stream) and gave some updates on Logic Apps, along with some demos on chaining Logic Apps, calling a Logic App from another Logic App etc. The hangout was presented by Jeff Holland and Kevin...

Azure App Service: How to implement conditional logic and loops in a Logic App

24 Mar 2015

One of the questions I saw on Twitter after yesterday’s Azure App Service launch was: how do you do an if-then-else in a Logic App? Or even a For loop? If you’re coming from a BizTalk Orchestration or Windows Workflow background, you may be surprised by the lack of...

Announcing Azure App Service: a new PaaS offering in Azure

23 Mar 2015

Azure App Service allows developers to create business logic in the cloud that supports their new or existing web and mobile apps. > Building on the MicroServices announcement from last year’s BizTalk Summit (in Redmond), there have been two major new technologies released: API Apps These seem to be...