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App Service Product Group – First Community WebCast

So the App Service product group did a Google Hangout today (basically a live YouTube
stream) and gave some updates on Logic Apps, along with some demos on chaining Logic
Apps, calling a Logic App from another Logic App etc.
The hangout was presented by Jeff Holland and Kevin Lam from the Product Group.
They’re planning to do this every month – the next one is in July.

You can see the video of today’s webcast here:

The logic app team also have a Twitter account: @logicappsio

What I think would be of interest for most people would be the list of new things
that have been added to Logic Apps recently, plus the list of what’s coming soon.

Here’s what they’ve added recently:

  • Start time now supports time zone
  • New Parse & string functions which handle objects and arrays
  • You can now rename a Logic App (has always been supported by ARM, but now surfaced
    in UI)
  • You can now move Logic Apps across Resource Groups (a Logic App is just a resource
    as far as ARM is concerned)
  • UI Improvements: Help Tips when you can’t delete; removal of duplicate authorization

And more importantly, what’s coming soon:

  • Updated Logic App designer experience (hopefully with ability to collapse api apps!)
  • Ability to filter gallery items in the designer
  • Surfacing the inputs for a trigger, and the outputs for a logic app – at the mo, if
    your logic app has outputs, these aren’t displayed in the designer
  • Move Logic Apps between subscriptions
  • Support for Do-Until loops (i.e. polling inside your logic app) (yay!)

Kevin also showed some sample JSON for that last one (Do-Until). It looks like this:

I’m very excited to see the PG taking a proactive stance with getting information
to the community – I think this is exactly what we need, and I look forward
to more of these Community Webcasts – so big big props to the PG for starting this!

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