BizTalk Migrator – Latest updates


Following their first reports of the BizTalk Migrator in June 2020, Microsoft have just announced the imminent public preview of the tooling! Affinus have been following the development of this tool very closely since it was first launched at Intergate2020. Since then, we have joined forces with Software Engineering Consultancy, 345 Technology to form the Azure Integration Group – becoming the leading global experts in moving BizTalk estates to the Azure cloud.

BizTalk Migrator is a game-changing command-line tool, automated from start to finish, that first reports on what can or can’t be migrated. It’ll then builds the functions of BizTalk Server up into the cloud, automatically. When done, a BizTalk app should natively run on Azure Integration Services.

The new tooling is designed to make migrations smoother, faster and therefore less costly.

Businesses migrating from BizTalk Server look to us for help with their migrations, and in future we’ll no doubt speed this up by using the migration tool. Affinus provide expert consultancy services to customers and Microsoft Partners utilising Azure and BizTalk technologies across on-premises, the cloud and hybrid environments.

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