BizTalk Migrator Webinar Series

Episode 8: BizTalk Migrator is released! Unpacking the tool and more sample scenarios

by Liz Ruffles

Microsoft have finally released their BizTalk Migrator tool for public preview. This open-source tool is designed to help automate the process of migrating from BizTalk Server (on-premises) to Azure Integration Solutions (AIS). We’ve been working closely with Microsoft since the private preview of the tool, and have been working with our BizTalk clients and Microsoft to test it, provide feedback, and even suggest additions to the tool for a while now. In this webinar we will continue our deep dive into this new tool and the functionality it offers those looking to migrate from BizTalk to Azure.

Title: BizTalk Migrator is released!  Unpacking the tool and more sample scenarios

Presenters: Dan Probert (CTO, Affinus), Andrew Rivers (Director, 345 Technology)

About the webinar

As you know – we’ve been following the BizTalk Migrator ever since the private preview was announced at Integrate in May 2020.  Microsoft have now announced the release of the tool.

The good news is…the wait is finally over!  Following hot on the heels of the BizTalk Migrator’s launch we’re going to continue the tour of the BizTalk Migrator so you get to experience how it works and what you need to do to get started.

We’ll cover off the following:

  • Look at some sample scenarios
  • Running the sample scenarios through the tool
  • Deploying the output
  • Testing the Azure apps




Dan Probert CTO Affinus


Affinus are a long-standing Microsoft Partner specialising in integration. Initially formed from members of the original BizTalk product team, Affinus have a deep pedigree in integration on the Microsoft platform.

Dan is the world leader in the problem space of migrating BizTalk to Azure, and leads Affinus’ integration technology strategy. Always a great presenter, and keen to share his knowledge, make sure you attend to get a chance to hear from the master himself.


Dr Andrew Rivers


345 Technology help build businesses around data: Integration, Data Platforms, Data Analytics and Data Science. Integration is the science of getting data moving into and inside your organisation and is the key to unlocking a data-driven business.

These days Andrew spends much of his time on Data Platforms and Data Science, but began working on BizTalk with the release of BizTalk Server 2004 and has worked on some of the largest BizTalk implementations in the UK. With a wealth of knowledge in this area and a deep understanding of the technology involved, Andrew is the ideal host for this webinar.

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    Episode 8: BizTalk Migrator is released! Unpacking the tool and more sample scenarios