BizTalk Migrator goes live!

by Liz Ruffles

Microsoft have finally released their BizTalk Migrator tool for public preview. This open-source tool is designed to help automate the process of migrating from BizTalk Server (on-premises) to Azure Integration Solutions (AIS). We’ve been lucky to have had access to the private preview, and have been working with our BizTalk clients and Microsoft to test it, provide feedback, and even suggest additions to the tool for a while now. If you’re byusily catching up on this latest development, you might find our latest BizTalk Migrator Webinar Series helpful: CLICK HERE

The tool has an ambitious scope: BizTalk is a complex product which has been around for 20 years, Developers have used it to build a myriad of solutions, some of which are stretching the limits of what you can do and still call it a “BizTalk Solution”!

The tool is by no means a panacea – there’s a lot it still doesn’t support, and there’s work to be done on adding more support e.g. supporting the new (preview) Logic Apps runtime.

But it’s a really good start, and for certain scenarios (e.g. moving files around) it has a high success rate.

Here at Affinus, we’re excited to be part of the open source community around this tool, and we look forward to contributing to its success.

You can find the tool (and documentation) here:

At this point, Microsoft have released the source code and documentation – but the compiled tool itself is still a day or 2 away (i.e. the Chocolatey package used to install it isn’t available).

The tool itself is spread across 5 GitHub repos – the first one (aimtool) contains the ReadMe/Documentation:

The Logic Apps team has a Logic Apps Live event on Thursday October 29th where I’m sure we’ll find out more:


As new developments happen, we are committed to keeping our community up to date with the very latest information relating to the tool via our blogs, resource centre and direct emails to your inbox.

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BizTalk Migrator goes live!