Dan’s BizTalk Migrator Deep Dive on Integration Monday

by Liz Ruffles

On Monday 30th November, our CTO, Daniel Probert, took viewers of an Integration Mondays webinar on a deep dive of Microsoft’s new BizTalk Migrator tool.


Dan is fast becoming one of the leading expert voices for this new technology, having followed the tool’s development closely since it was first announced. Since its launch in September 2020, Dan has taken part in many webinars, including our own BizTalk Webinar Series, which is co-hosted by Andrew Rivers from 345 Technology.


In this webinar, Dan took viewers on a deep dive of Microsoft’s BizTalk Migrator tool, including a demonstration of all the moving parts. He also covers:

  • how to modify the configuration
  • how to improve performance
  • how to create your scenarios
  • how to debug the tool when it runs
  • how to view the model built behind the scenes

The session finished with a Q&A with contributions from the wider tech community.

If you didn’t get the chance to watch this live on Monday evening – now’s your chance. Click on the video below and enjoy.


Integration Mondays BizTalk Migrator Webinar


If you’re in the process of considering your migration from BizTalk to Azure, get in touch. We’re ready to get clients migrating using the BizTalk Migrator – saving them time and money along the way.

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Dan’s BizTalk Migrator Deep Dive on Integration Monday