EXPERTISE, SUPPORT, TRAINING, FUNDING – What else could your business need when considering a move to the Cloud?

by Liz Ruffles

If your company is running BizTalk, you will have already considered how migrating your business functions to Microsoft Azure may help to future-proof your company. After all, Azure offers more security, flexibility, and scalability than other leading Cloud Platform providers. It also promises to be cheaper.

However, you will also know that migrating to the Cloud can be a tricky, time-consuming journey filled with many bumps and potholes along the road. Deciding to take the plunge can sometimes feel like a massive leap of faith.

For smaller companies, the investment required to either migrate from BizTalk Server to the Cloud, or to adopt Azure in the first instance is significant. For larger organisations, the risks involved in unpicking the business functions already in place may seem too great. But what if, instead of taking a shot-in-the-dark, you could see the outcomes as clear as day?

By conducting a ECIF funded proof-of-concept project, we have been able to offer one of our clients, Ramsey Health Care UK, the clarity they need to make the right decision.

Ramsey Health Care UK is one of the leading independent healthcare providers in England delivering a wide range of specialist clinical services. They currently operate BizTalk to help manage their employee systems. However, they wanted to better understand how migrating to Azure would help them to run their business more effectively and offer them the scalability they need.

Following a successful bid for ECIF funding, Affinus have been able to help Ramsey Health Care UK to gain a greater understanding of the Azure Cloud Platform by delivering the proof-of-concept project,  training in best practice and expert consultancy on how to make the most of this solution.

This is the second ECIF funding, proof-of-concept project Affinus has been appointed to deliver in recent months and is something that we hope to offer to more of our clients in the future.

Our CTO, Dan Probert says, “Being able to offer our customers the peace of mind they need to make smarter choices for their business is something that we are passionate about. As Integration Specialists with more than 20 years of practical experience working with and developing Microsoft products, it is our job is to provide bespoke technical expertise, support, and training to help our clients better manage their enterprise environments whether they be on-premises or in the Cloud. ECIF funded proof-of-concept projects allow us to fully demonstrate the opportunities available to our clients before they make their final decision.”

If you are considering migrating to, or adopting Microsoft Azure, or you would like more information about ECIF funding, give us a call for a no-obligation chat. We are always happy to help.

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EXPERTISE, SUPPORT, TRAINING, FUNDING – What else could your business need when considering a move to the Cloud?