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DanSharp XML Viewer now on GitHub

18 Apr 2018

OK, so it’s taken me almost a year, but I finally migrated DanSharp XmlViewer to GitHub, as CodePlex closed down last year. Find it here: Source Code has been updated to work with VS 2015, although you’ll need the Deployment Project update extension. At the moment, only v1.1 is...

DanSharp XmlViewer v1.01 released

3 Oct 2011

v1.01 of DanSharp XmlViewer is now available up on CodePlex. Also available is the source code for this version. This is a minor bugfix release – the main bug fixed is an issue where long file names cause the application to not be able to start. Direct link to...

DanSharp XmlViewer tool now on CodePlex

2 Oct 2011

The DanSharp XmlViewer tool has now moved to CodePlex. You can get the latest setup files, documentation and source code from CodePlex, along with tracking discussions and issues. The project page is here: My apologies for the delay on getting this done!

DanSharp XmlViewer

24 Nov 2007

Updates:19/04/2018The source code and MSIs for this tool (inc v1.1) have moved to GitHub here: 03/10/2011The source code and MSIs for this tool (inc v1.1) are now available on CodePlex here: 22/01/2008 I’ll release v1.1 this week – only has minor bug fixes (one of them related to problems with...