Category: Web Services

How to validate Xml Documents against schemas in BizTalk

31 Aug 2007

I got asked a question the other day: How would you validate an incoming message against a schema if the message was the request part of a request-response pair and you wanted to return a response if the request wasn’t valid? In the example given, an orchestration had been...

Validating Schemas in WebMethods using Attributes

14 Apr 2007

One of the most annoying things in BizTalk is when an error is generated in a Receive Pipeline indicating that a message has been suspended because of the content of the message doesn’t validate against the given schema (for the moment, we’ll gloss over the fact that in an...

Web Services and the 15 Second Delay

9 Mar 2007

Background: The large(ish) BizTalk system I’ve been working on for the last few months consumes a few external Web Services. Whilst doing some early performance tuning, I noticed that I was getting pretty serious request-response latency from the primary BizTalk Web Service… Like over 45 secs, instead of the...