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Understanding the BizTalk Mapper: Part 2 – Functoids Overview

7th February 2008

This whole series of posts started because I wanted to show what XSLT was emitted when using the default functoids provided by Microsoft. Specifically, I […]

Understanding the BizTalk Mapper: Part 1 – Introduction

6th February 2008

In this post:Introduction BizTalk Mapper 101 History BizTalk Mapper in BTS 2004 / 2006 / 2006R2 What happens when a map is compiled What happens […]

XPath – the hidden language of BizTalk?

29th November 2007

For those of you who are unaware, XPath is a powerful query language for XML (ignoring XQuery for now). In my experience I’ve worked with […]

Auto-generating BizUnit Test Cases

26th November 2007

This post follows on from yesterday’s post: Creating BizUnit Test Cases for comparing Xml Files If you are using the XmlValidationStep/XmlValidationStepEx BizUnit steps and using […]

Creating BizUnit Test Cases for comparing Xml Files

25th November 2007

BizUnit is a great tool for performing end-to-end testing of BizTalk applications (and can even be used for testing non-BizTalk applications like Web services too). […]

DanSharp XmlViewer

24th November 2007

Updates:19/04/2018The source code and MSIs for this tool (inc v1.1) have moved to GitHub here: 03/10/2011The source code and MSIs for this tool (inc v1.1) are now […]

BizUnit: XmlValidationStep using .NET 2.0 Schema Validation

23rd November 2007

This is something that bit me recently: The current version of BizUnit (v.2.2.1003.0)  uses the .NET 1.0 XmlValidatingReader to do schema validation in both the […]

Distinguished Fields and Optional Elements

14th November 2007

Thought this might be of interest to a few BizTalk developers out there. It’s quite common practice to use Distinguished Fields in orchestrations, to get/set […]

Manually sending a response back to a waiting Web Service client

8th September 2007

(or how to do asynchronous processing of a synchronous request/response message) [Note: this post follows on from my previous post How to validate Xml Documents […]

How to validate Xml Documents against schemas in BizTalk

31st August 2007

I got asked a question the other day: How would you validate an incoming message against a schema if the message was the request part […]