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Auto-generating BizUnit Test Cases

26 Nov 2007

This post follows on from yesterday’s post: Creating BizUnit Test Cases for comparing Xml Files If you are using the XmlValidationStep/XmlValidationStepEx BizUnit steps and using XPath validation, then it can be a pain to write all these XPathValidation statements by hand. So I wrote a utility to generate the...

Creating BizUnit Test Cases for comparing Xml Files

25 Nov 2007

BizUnit is a great tool for performing end-to-end testing of BizTalk applications (and can even be used for testing non-BizTalk applications like Web services too). Although you’re not strictly performing unit-testing of your BizTalk artefacts per-se, with the right setup you can get very close to unit testing. For...

BizUnit: XmlValidationStep using .NET 2.0 Schema Validation

23 Nov 2007

This is something that bit me recently: The current version of BizUnit (v.2.2.1003.0)  uses the .NET 1.0 XmlValidatingReader to do schema validation in both the XmlValidationStep and XmlValidationStepEx steps. .NET 2.0 deprecated the XmlValidatingReader class, proposing that you use the XmlReader class and the new XmlReaderSettings class instead. Microsoft...