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App Service Product Group – First Community WebCast

24 Jun 2015

So the App Service product group did a Google Hangout today (basically a live YouTube stream) and gave some updates on Logic Apps, along with some demos on chaining Logic Apps, calling a Logic App from another Logic App etc. The hangout was presented by Jeff Holland and Kevin...

Azure App Service: How to implement conditional logic and loops in a Logic App

24 Mar 2015

One of the questions I saw on Twitter after yesterday’s Azure App Service launch was: how do you do an if-then-else in a Logic App? Or even a For loop? If you’re coming from a BizTalk Orchestration or Windows Workflow background, you may be surprised by the lack of...

Announcing Azure App Service: a new PaaS offering in Azure

23 Mar 2015

Azure App Service allows developers to create business logic in the cloud that supports their new or existing web and mobile apps. > Building on the MicroServices announcement from last year’s BizTalk Summit (in Redmond), there have been two major new technologies released: API Apps These seem to be...

DanSharp XmlViewer v1.01 released

3 Oct 2011

v1.01 of DanSharp XmlViewer is now available up on CodePlex. Also available is the source code for this version. This is a minor bugfix release – the main bug fixed is an issue where long file names cause the application to not be able to start. Direct link to...

DanSharp XmlViewer tool now on CodePlex

2 Oct 2011

The DanSharp XmlViewer tool has now moved to CodePlex. You can get the latest setup files, documentation and source code from CodePlex, along with tracking discussions and issues. The project page is here: My apologies for the delay on getting this done!

Cumulative Update 2 for BizTalk Server 2010

31 Aug 2011

I’ve been waiting for this for a while… contains all hotfixes released since CU1 was released… Get it here:

Improving the ESB Toolkit: Fixing the “endless loop” bug when creating Fault messages

5 May 2011

The ESB Toolkit is great. However, it’s not without its fair share of bugs. I’ve been meaning to blog about this since I first came across this bug a year or so ago, but it’s taken me a while. If you use the ExceptionManagementDb functionality, you’re probably familiar with...

BizTalk moving to the cloud… and to Windows Server AppFabric

28 Oct 2010

For those of you who may have missed Sriram’s blog post, there will be a CTP of the Integration as a Service version of BizTalk appearing in Azure sometime before July 2011 (interestingly, the blog entry was posted at 10am on October 28th, i.e. an hour after PDC10 started…!). Additionally,...

AppFabric’s AutoStart feature: great news for BizTalk

26 Oct 2010

Any of you who have been writing WCF front-ends for BizTalk services will know about one of ASP.NET’s failings: first request latency. A service (or application) hosted in IIS doesn’t start-up and JIT itself fully until the first request is received. And if low-latency is important to you, this isn’t...

BizTalk 2010 Released; Development edition now free

25 Sep 2010

Well the announcement came over a week after I thought it would arrive, but BTS2010 is now officially released. And the developer edition is now free. However, that doesn’t mean that you can do development for free: you still need to pay for SQL Server and Visual Studio. Although...