Azure Training Programme


The Azure Training Programme provides an overview of Azure Integration Services, Microsoft’s tooling for implementing integration solutions in the cloud. This 12 part series, delivered to you automatically on a weekly basis, breaks down the services that officially make up AIS, as well as the other services commonly used in developing integration services.

We will outline best practice for security, deployment, monitoring, and governance whilst also touching on the use of ARM templates (and scripting) as a mechanism to consistently and reliably deploy Azure resources, and the security considerations inherent in this.

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    Key Topics

    • Azure Overview
    • Subscriptions and Resource Groups
    • Security, Access Control, Encryption, Data at Rest and Auto Discoverability
    • Hosting, Resource Creation and On-Premises Access.
    • Integration Resources
    • Azure Resource Manager

    Features & Benefits

    • Comprehensive overview of Azure Integration Services
    • Best practice guides for reliable deployment of Azure resources
    • Easy to digest, weekly installments sent direct to your inbox
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