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BizTalk moving to the cloud… and to Windows Server AppFabric

28 Oct 2010

For those of you who may have missed Sriram’s blog post, there will be a CTP of the Integration as a Service version of BizTalk appearing in Azure sometime before July 2011 (interestingly, the blog entry was posted at 10am on October 28th, i.e. an hour after PDC10 started…!). Additionally,...

AppFabric’s AutoStart feature: great news for BizTalk

26 Oct 2010

Any of you who have been writing WCF front-ends for BizTalk services will know about one of ASP.NET’s failings: first request latency. A service (or application) hosted in IIS doesn’t start-up and JIT itself fully until the first request is received. And if low-latency is important to you, this isn’t...