Affinus recently celebrated a decade of supporting Microsoft customers. We were founded in 2007 by members of the original Microsoft BizTalk development team. As such we retain a close working relationship with Microsoft today.

In 2000, Microsoft released BizTalk Server. Since then, they’ve revised the product 10 times and approximately 10,000 customers worldwide still use it today. Affinus originated as a small consultancy to provide expertise in BizTalk integrations, and today supports medium and enterprise customers worldwide with their BizTalk estates.

In 2008 Microsoft announced Azure, their cloud computing platform, and have since been developing products for cloud-based integration. As a result, we were pioneers in collaborating with the early product development of Azure and today support the developer community with technical training, collaboration and a blog. Part of the Affinus mission is to inform the evolution of best practices for Azure based development and integration.

Today Affinus provide expertise to both Azure and BizTalk customers across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. Part of our offering is the unique ability to migrate BizTalk integrations to Logic Apps as a bespoke service. 

Why Choose Affinus? 

  • Firstly, as a relatively small and focused consultancy, we provide a highly personal service and a level of engagement that our customers deeply appreciate.
  • We are a Microsoft partner and expert contributors to the BizTalk and Azure developer communities.
  • Our consultants have a wealth of experience of complex integrations in medium and large enterprises in the public and private sector.
  • We work closely with our customer’s technical teams to ensure knowledge and skills transfer at every level of the development process.
  • We can provide services to public sector clients thanks to our G-Cloud 10 listing.
  • Embedded in our development process are years of best practice which ensure efficient integrations and automated deployments.
  • Finally, we work with you every step of the way from business planning to post-deployment support.

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Dan Probert

Chief Technical Officer

Dan has worked in the IT industry for 25 years and has always specialised in integration. He has a strong technical and analysis background, and has worked in a wide range of industry sectors.

Dan focuses on the technical direction of the Affinus team. He provides guidance and support for our team of consultants, and helps clients with their strategic technology goals.

He has close ties with Microsoft, is a member of the Azure Advisors community, and participates regularly in testing and feedback sessions around upcoming Microsoft technologies.

Dan is passionate about the ability of technology to solve problems, and draws on years of experience and his technical acumen to deliver winning solutions to our clients.

Simon Poulter

Principal Consultant

Simon left university in 2003 with a B.Sc. (Hons) in computer science. After a number of years working in network administration and web development, he moved into developing integration solutions on the BizTalk server platform. In 2010, Simon joined Affinus as a BizTalk consultant and has been responsible for designing and developing integration solutions for enterprise customers.

Now a Principal Consultant for Affinus, Simon has been adapting and transferring his skills onto the Azure platform particularly around IaaS and the new integration capabilities. He is also responsible for developing best practices for development and integration testing.

Mark Hunt

Managing Director

Mark has worked in the IT industry for over thirty years. He started out in IT departments, where he developed a strong technical and project management background, before moving onto consultative and commercial roles for IBM and Hewlett Packard. For the past twelve years he has been supporting SME businesses to grow or get established in the technology sector.

Mark focuses on orchestrating the development of the Affinus team, services and products in response to clients’ current and emerging needs around Microsoft technology for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid infrastructure.

He is passionate about the sharing of experience and knowledge around best practices, and helping to build communities of expertise that empower organisations and businesses to leverage technology to support their vision.

Rachel McClure

Marketing Consultant

With 20 years experience, Rachel has worked on the client side and supplier side of marketing. For 10 years she worked delivering recruitment services for education, graduate recruitment and tourism clients, covering print, events, email marketing, online advertising, direct mail, and sponsorship. Moving to head up an in-house team of marketers, Rachel was responsible for managing advertising, events, strategic partnerships, digital marketing, PR, websites, database marketing, as well as leading analytics and reporting. Rachel now acts as a Marketing Consultant for Affinus Ltd.